To equip students into professionally competent individuals, for business leadership through a rich curriculum, innovative ideas, continuous mentoring and holistic development.


To impart education that aims at honing analytical abilities, decision making techniques and interpersonal skills which enhance students professional ability to face the challenges of a dynamic environment in the corporate and social world.

Objectives of the Program

Educating and Training the students to face the challenges and dynamics of a career in Management.
Enhancing the communication and entrepreneurial skills for development of students personality.
Imparting practical oriented knowledge for the upcoming competitive area.
Motivating students in developing their interpersonal skills creating individuality.
Imparting quality and holistic education for developing skilled Managers.

BBA Department HOD & Faculties.


Dr. M. Babima


Dr. M. Gnana Muhila
Mrs. R. Sheela
Mrs. G.S. Subi Mol