To help students develop themselves as professional as a part of a discipline with value based skills and appropriate pedagogues.
To envision the department as a centre of academic excellence and provide professional expertise to communicate effectively in a creative and critical manner.
To promote enquiry based learning using class discussions, Socratic seminars, debate clubs.
To impart multicultural and multilingual dimension to English language and literature.
To provide universal foresight to understand the various perspectives of life.
To forte knowledge and love of literature among students by providing a solid academic foundation and maximizing intellectual potential in each individual within a nurturing yet academically challenging environment.


The English Department encourages producing future literature by developing a deepened understanding of language and literature through the value of critical reading and effective writing.


To achieve success through various means of thinking critically, problem solving, efficient organizational strategies, time management skills by meeting the state standards.
To promote learning through gathering, analyzing, communicating effectively, think creatively and drawing independent conclusions.
To introduce students to the tools of research and broaden their critical sensibilities, so that they will be equipped for further research and career opportunities.
To enable scholars to pursue advanced research in English studies.
To sharpen their critical ability to interpret and evaluate literary texts ant theories.

English Department HOD & Faculties.


Mrs. S. Sushma Jenifer


Mrs. M.S. Subi
Mrs. R. Christobel Merlin Mahil
Mrs. R.L. Bhabitha
Ms. D. Irish Kezia
Ms. S. Rosary Vinintha
Dr. Kumari V.R. Saritha
Ms. Steffi K B
Ms. Dharshana K V
Dr. G.R. Gnana Raja