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    Nanjil Catholic College of Arts and Science, Kaliyakkavilai has been established by Nanjil Milk Plant (a unit of the Diocese of Kottar), Mulagumoodu vide Government of Tamilnadu G.O. No. 150 dated 26.7.2012.
    Nanjil Milk Plant, Mulagumoodu, a dreamy and innovative project of the Diocese of Kuzhithurai, has been rendering noble service to the poor, the lowest and the lost through its manifold welfare and developmental programmes. Every year it offers several lakhs of rupees as scholarships to the needy and poor students of the region to pursue their higher studies in Professional Colleges and Arts & Science Colleges. Rev. Fr. S. Maria Rajendran, Former Managing Director of Nanjil Milk Plant mooted the idea of starting a college to cater to the higher education needs of people of the region. This idea was without an iota of hesitation approved by Most Rev. Dr. Peter Remigius, Bishop of Kottar and Nanjil Milk board members. Finally it has been resolved to establish the college at Kaliyakkavilai.
    St. Joseph’s Nanjil Farmers’ Association, Nanjil Integrated Dairy Development Programme and Kuzhithurai Integral Development Social Services (KIDSS) are also involved in this noble work. Most Rev. Dr. Peter Remigius is the first Patron of the college. After the bifurcation of the Diocese, the college comes under Kuzhithurai Diocese, withMost Rev. Dr. Jeromedhas, SDB, Bishop of Kuzhithurai as the Chief Patron and President. Rev. Fr. M. Eckermens Michael as the Secretary and Correspondent of the college. The Very Rev. Msgr. S. Jesu Rethnam as the Vice-President of the College Committee. The college has been administered by the College Committee, constituted by the Bishop of Kuzhithurai. Rev. Fr. A. Domi Lilil Raja serve as the Bursar of the College and Dr. A. Meenakshi Sundara Rajan is the Principal of the College. The college is affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University as per No.MSU/CD/Fre.Affi./NCCASc/2012-2013 dated 29.08.2012.
    Nanjil Catholic College of Arts and Science is registered under Kuzhithurai Integral Development Social Services (KIDSS) and it authorized St. Joseph's Nanjil Farmers Association to manage, coordinate and administer with its funds. The College Consultative Committee comprised of Most Rev. Dr. Peter Remigius, the Patron of the college and Rev. Fr. Dr. S. Maria Rajendran, Secretary of the college. Very Rev. Msgr. S. Solomon is the President of the College Advisory Council. The college has been administered by a Board and an Advisory Committee constituted by the Bishop of Kuzhithurai. Rev. Fr. S.K. Jose Robinson and Rev. Fr. Dr. M. Peter serve as the Associate Secretary and Treasurer of the college respectively. Dr. V.M.A. Surendra is the first Principal of the College.     Know More

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